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La Lastra - Exclusive Wine Tour and Tasting in Siena

with Full Lunch

Land, Climate and Taste: Agronomy and Oenology in the Age of Climate Change

Just 2 kms from the old town of medieval Siena, in the stunning hilly Tuscan countryside, the exclusive wine tour with tasting "Land, Climate and Taste" will introduce you to the local food and wine and to the fascinating world of sustainable wines. A journey through the secrets of viticulture in the age of climate change.

Designed for all those who love fine wine and food, this intimate experience is for a maximum of 8 people and is led by one of the winery's owners.

The tour takes place entirely at our organic farm in Siena. While exploring the organic vineyards, you will discover the key points of agroecology through simple principles of pedology, biochemistry, botany, genetics, and agronomy. This will help you fully understand the complexity of the different ecosystems involved in the preservation, improvement, and regeneration of rural areas.

You will take a tour of our old wine cellar to find out more about the basic steps of quality organic winemaking, from an unusual point of view: that of the micro-organisms, the real protagonists of winemaking.

You will then move to the tasting room, where, through sensory stimulation, you will analyse the organoleptic profiles of our vintage and private reserve organic wines. This sensory journey will end with a Full Lunch to experience the perfect food & wine pairing, delight your palate and nourish your soul, celebrating the perfect synergy between food, wine and emotions.

More Details

"Land, Climate and Taste" is a tour led by one of the owners of the winery, lasts 3.5 hours, takes place entirely at our winery in Siena and includes:
  • guided tour of our organic vineyards
  • guided tour of the cellars where our wines are made and age
  • sensorial tasting of 5 of our vintage and private reserve organic wines
  • Full lunch with fresh seasonal Tuscan excellences

Az.Agr. La Lastra St. della Befana 2/A Siena -
tel: +39 0577 274868 fax: +39 0577 279898

Cost: 150 €/pp

Booking: to be booked in advance
Time: from 11.00am to 2.30pm (3.5 hours)
Number of people: from 2 to 8
Full lunch: included

For special requests, please send us an e-mail. Thank you.

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